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Bruxism Mouth Guard Cost

How Much Does a Bruxism Mouth Guard Cost?

Some bruxism mouth guards cost up to $800! Luckily, there is a more affordable mouth guard available, and it’s also more effective than the expensive ones! GrindGuardN is an FDA-approved mouth guard for bruxism and is available for only $79. Invented by a concerned dentist, GrindGuardN is the best bruxism mouth guard on the market. Learn more about how GrindGuardN can help you stop grinding and clenching your teeth, without breaking the bank!

bruxism mouth guard from grindguardnDiscounted Bruxism Mouth Guards

Nighttime teeth grinding is very common today due to increased stress levels in our fast-paced society. Some mouth guards for teeth grinding are way too expensive, and can actually increase bite pressure, rather than eliminating it. GrindGuardN is different due to the patented Central Power Bar, which releases the clenching stimulus and prevents your back teeth from touching, effectively reducing grinding forces. GrindGuardN is also more comfortable and longer lasting than other bruxism guards because it is custom fit to your mouth. Cheaper (only $79!) and more effective than the competition, GrindGuardN is the best deal when it comes to bruxism mouth guard costs. Order yours today!

GrindGuardN only costs $79Affordable Mouth Guards for Bruxism

GrindGuardN actually conditions the muscles in your mouth and jaw to stop grinding, making it the best bruxism treatment on the market. While other bruxism mouth guards cost way too much and do too little to stop grinding, GrindGuardN treats the painful symptoms associated with bruxism, including headaches, jaw aches, ear aches, tooth damage and more! Many root canals are in fact performed as a direct result of bruxism damage. Save yourself the money, because the bruxism mouth guard cost of GrindGuardN is much cheaper than a root canal! Call (877) 606-3033 today to learn more about GrindGuardN and place an order!

Nighttime Mouthguard for Bruxism

Many people have found relief with GrindGuardN, see what they are saying about us now! Don’t let yourself be fooled by the cost of bruxism mouth guards that waste your money! GrindGuardN is only $79 and will provide you with the best bruxism relief available. Order today online or by calling (877) 606-3033!

GrindGuardN The Teeth Grinding Solution

FDA-Approved mouth guard. Works better, lasts longer and costs less. The best anywhere, any price, guaranteed.